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The Justice Department's Bureau of Statistics reported that 7.2 million men and women were in the U.S. adult correctional population at the end of 2006. USDJBS 2007

This means that one in every 31 U.S. adults was in some form of either incarceration, parole, probation or other form of mandated supervision at the end of 2006.

"The national average for repeat crime (recidivism) is nearly 70%. Just a 10% reduction would be nearly 500,000 people. 
For altruists, who want to save lives and futures, that's a lot of lives.
For economists, who want to save money, that's a lot of money.
For all of us, that would be a huge step toward mending lives, families, and our communities creating not just a return, but a return to honor as a nation built on redemption and compassion for all its people." - Don Kirchner